Accelerated Learning Simulations

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SiMCare Diabetes is a personalized physician diabetes education experience that begins by allowing the physician to select one of the 18 patient cases introduced through a brief clinical vignette.  The patients represent a variety of races and ethnicities and have different medical histories, co-morbidities, and challenging clinical issues.

The user interface, which mimics electronic health record screens, engages the learner in realistic patient care activities.  Providers can give lifestyle advice, prescribe drugs, order labs and diagnostic tests, make referrals, start and adjust insulin, review and advise on self-monitored blood glucose testing, and diagnose and address compounding clinical issues such as hypoglycemia, poor adherence, and depression.

The learner’s treatment actions create a unique trajectory for each case and learning occurs quickly as the user observes the clinical effects of treatment over time. Learning is accelerated because relevant, personalized feedback is provided to the user at multiple levels and after each encounter

The software employs formulas derived from published literature for dose-response curves for drugs, lifestyle advice and referrals, which enable calculated changes in the patient state in response to specific physician treatment.  Feedback is evidence-based and consistent with national guidelines. The learner is tasked with achieving the patient’s clinical goals within six months (simulated time), and can repeat cases to achieve mastery of the different clinical situations using expert guidance.